Sunday, November 21, 2010

Book Fair Success in Texas

This weekend was amazing! It was so wonderful to see all the support of the community and the NBHE families at our Barnes and Noble bookfair down here in Texas. We decorated ..cupcakes, had ....story time, and played games. The two hours in the store seem to fly away as we purchased books and enjoyed each others company.

During story time we read selections from the book club's November list. As I listened to Flossie and the Fox, it reminded me of how my daughter would drive her brother up the wall by simply saying, "No it's not". No matter what he said, whether it was true or false, she always remarked, "No it's not" in a very matter of fact tone. Doesn't that remind you a little of Flossie? That poor fox, as well as my son, was about out of his mind with confusion. Now in our house, this same child developed a little Flossie in himself. I hear him telling the kids wild stories that just could not be true, but they believe him. His reply is, "It is a matter of speaking with confidence."

Enjoy the books and support NBHE with a purchase from any Barnes and Noble location or online by visiting from 11/19/10 to 11/25/10 and entering our Bookfair ID 10292993 at checkout.

Talk with you again soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Selections for November

Be sure to check out our great reading selections for the month of November:

Teens and Adults:  Same Kind of Different as Me

Youth:  Amos Fortune, Free Man

Children:  Flossie and the Fox